Ari is also an artist…

The Scoop

            [To be  honest,  this here is sort of  a gray  area]

Ari Ross is a native of Los Angeles (Born technically in Hollywood).

When Ari was but a lad, his father (actor/ragtime music composer Ron Ross) drove him over to a voice-over class, dropped him off and said "Don't come home until you can do a decent "Droopy Dog" and fabulous "Non Announcer - Announcer!"  And the rest, as they say...

Some of that history includes 100+ V/Os for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" as well as currently national promos for, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Credits include work for Apple, FiberOne (General Mils), Verizon, Suzuki, Toyota, IBM, US West, Pontiac, Four Seasons, Toshiba, Universal Studios, Sony.  

Currently, Ari is a voice of Verizon Business.

Ari has also acted on-camera in roles for TV & film. "The Tonight Show" "Tango & Cash," "California Convertible," "Love Secrets" and "Man, Woman & Child" with Martin Sheen. 

Ari recently starred as an "Old school" detective living in a futuristic world.  The character's name is "Bale."  Linker is a masterfully produced short Sci-fi film directed by Andrew Pedowski and was produced by Black Medusa Pictures.  Scheduled release of the film will be in May – Ari will have clips here as soon as it's available.

Ari's specialties include:

- Uber-conversational Commercials & Improvisation

- Semi-improvised Man-on-the-Street Interviews

- Character/Animation (Voices or on-camera)

- Promos

- Dubbing/Voice Match

Toy credits include best-selling "Talking Peek-a-boo Zoo."  

Voice matching/dubbing credits include: "Russell Crowe" - "LA Confidential," Quentin Tarantino & Steve Buscemi -  "Reservoir Dogs" & various characters in several Jackie Chan films,  

With home studio, Ari can deliver audio via WAV/AIF, ISDN or ipDTL audio streaming.

​Let Ari be YOUR voice solution!