T  e  s  t  i  m  o  n  i  a  l  s

'The last time you were in our studios,you were simply superb. 

When we need voiceover talent, they have to be fast, precise, and able to grasp a multitude of concepts.  You fill the bill every time. Whenever I see your name on the schedule for a VO, I know it will be a breeze.

Thanks again'

Patrick L. Smith

Head Audio Engineer

Tonight Show with Jay Leno


"Ari is super professional and we were ecstatic at how his voice over work really elevated the quality of our videos. We were so impressed by his work on our History of Corvette film that we immediate hired him to also do the voice work for our GM Corvette Assembly video. Ari completed the project quicker than expected and even let me listen in so that I could offer any feedback as we went along. He also provided several takes of some parts so we had multiple options to chose from. Ari is very versatile with his voice, and I would definitely use him again."

Katie Frassinelli

Marketing and Communications Director

National Corvette Museum


Great stuff -- thanks particularly for the additional choices on certain key words and phrases.

I get so much stuff back from people who are very good VO artists but who have no idea what the actual post-production process is like. Little things like that help a lot.

Steve Bradford -- Steve Bradford Creative Services


Thanks again, Ari, very smooth working relationship and you gave me exactly what I wanted, exceeding the (heck) out of my expectations!

Dave Welsh -- VP Production/Partner Rev Media


We recently worked with Ari and his studio to lay down a major National TV spot. As well as being a true professional and doing a great job on the V/O, his sound quality was excellent -- no echo, great mic, good sound all around -- comparable to or better than many studios out there.

Frank Salazar - Reel FX - Dallas TX


Frankly, I have never used voice talent before, and so I was expecting a bumpy ride. But Ari cranked his files out with great turnaround time and not a single hitch in sight. Now I’m looking through all my marketing touch points to see if I can’t figure out a way to use more voice talent—and it’ll be Ari. 

Wade L, San Francisco, CA


We recently used Ari on a project to record voices for a large number of different characters and all were perfect. On another occasion we used him on a project for (a large, well known company) utilizing a script containing numerous scientific terms which he voiced naturally, doing this as if he really knew well what he was talking about! Ari is fun to work with, a consummate professional and is a great talent. His versatility and professionalism are the reason we like to work with him whenever we can.

Dan Brockett - Big Little Films


After we ended our ISDN connection today my associate said to me "that sounded REALLY good." Your audio quality and lack of any acoustical coloration was better than some of the big NY and LA studios we've patched into. Your Mic is also excellent... Your high end was clean and bright without being 'essy', the bottom end of the audio was full and very smooth. I look forward to our next connection!

John Valentine - Audio-Image Recording